Radios For Your TOC


Good info, its a starting place and a good logistical checklist if you’re the “Commander” or you just happen to be both the radio guy AND the strategist… You’re a rock star if you are.

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I was asked some questions by a reader about radios for a TOC (Tactical Operations Center).

Here is what I would put in a TOC for general purpose communications.  For starters, I would want to cover the following for communications:

  • HF (Shortwave), all ham bands with auxiliary 1.6-30 MHz. coverage
  • 6 meter ham band, with auxiliary VHF-Low band (30-50 MHz.) coverage
  • 2 meter ham band, with auxiliary VHF-High band (138-174 MHz.) coverage
  • 27 MHz. Citizens Band (CB), with auxiliary “freeband” (25-28 MHz.) coverage
  • MURS
  • Auxiliary monitoring of certain local “indicator” frequencies, although COMINT is not a function of a TOC. You should have a separate listening post for that.
  • Auxiliary monitoring of select AM/FM/TV news broadcasts. Again OSINT is not a function of a TOC, but having CNN on in the background is a good idea.
  • In- house telecommunications system (think field phones), surveillance/security feeds, and intrusion detection systems. …

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