Dear America…


I really don’t need to comment, do I?

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The correct response is to shoot them…

Four plainclothes Galveston police officers beat a 12-year-old girl in the head in her own yard, beat her with a flashlight, accused her of being a prostitute and threatened to shoot her puppy, while responding to a call about white prostitutes, the girl’s parents claim in Federal Court. The girl, an honor student, who was dressed in gym shorts and a T-shirt when the cops beat her, is black.

Parents Say Four Cops Beat Their Twelve-Year-Old Girl, Left Her In Hospital

But, but, but… they’re cops!

No, I am not saying that we should shoot all cops. I am saying when cops are beating your children like this… SHOOT THEM! In the face if you can. Would you let your neighbor do this to your children? Then why would you let some State sponsored terrorist, who at worst, if… ANYTHING, will get a…

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