Blood, vomit and diarrhea-soaked materials piled to ceiling…


Am I the only one who remembers that 45 minute CBRN class that said “If you’re not in MOPP4 and you walk into a Village with Ebola, you’ll most likely be shot by your own guys. It’s that contagious, and no one should have to shit themselves to death.” Ebola liquefies your internal organs. This does not appear to be Ebola in the sense that I learned it.

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The nurses’ statement said they had to “interact with Mr. Duncan with whatever protective equipment was available,” even as he produced “a lot of contagious fluids.” Duncan’s medical records underscore that concern. They also say nurses treating Duncan were also caring for other patients in the hospital and that, in the face of constantly shifting guidelines, they were allowed to follow whichever ones they chose.

Nurses’ Union: Ebola Patient Left In Open Area Of ER For Hours

A second Texas nurse who has tested positive for Ebola was on a commercial jetliner from Cleveland to Dallas the night before she arrived at the hospital with a fever and was later diagnosed with the deadly virus, officials said today.

Second Nurse Infected with Ebola Was on Jetliner Before Diagnosis

Do you believe in coincidence?

Hitler weighs in…


CDC Demands 132 Passengers That Flew With 2nd Ebola Patient Report For…

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We all know…

When I hear the phrase “we all know” I immediately perk up to whatever propoganda is coming next. I’m rarely dissappointed. My greatest example of assumptive knowledge is NPR. When I hear “we all know” it’s typically followed immediately by something related to climate change or global warming. I’ve also heard it from firearms instructors. It’s a phrase that irritates me and tells me a lot about the person, if used repeatedly.

The phrase lends itself to an elitist mindset that, typically shuts down those who are just starting in the subject, or didn’t actually know. If someone were to say “We all know gravity works” I would agree with that statement. But the phrase is used in that same way with, most of the time, utter bullcrap after it. When someone says “We all know gun control works, look at country X…” By extending this throw away phrase, we can see what’s really going on. We’re being let into the elite inner circle of knowledge on this person and their friends know.

In reality what we find is: no, we all don’t know, and whatever information you seem to think is vital to the salvation of the planet probably isn’t and never was. Why the synisism? It gets old listening to people talk down to others. The examples run rampant. I listened to it in High School, College, and now at my work. I grant that there are truly stupid people out there. But if you treat us all that way you’re going to do nothing but turn off the smart people. Most truly intelligent people I have met do their utmost to help people understand and lift them up. Instead attempting to shame them into agreement, because “we all know.”

This is an example of social engineering. Social engineering is a Progressive name for brain washing. It’s exceptionally effective. It’s part of the social and societal sickness that infects our once great Republic. We’re no longer a Nation or a County, those imply unity and togetherness, a oneness of purpose. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’re pretty divided. Not “as divided as we’ve ever been” when that happened we had our first Civil War over States Rights. No, despite what your texts books may have said, it wasn’t slavery and the Republicans weren’t the ones who wanted to impose it across the land. Lincoln was also a tyrannical ass. Look at how much power he collected into the Executive Office. At this point, if you don’t know me personally you probably think I’m some kind of Dixie whistling underground Confederate. Not so much. I just call it how I see it. This is another indicator of the Progressives history being rewritten, I would say that most people believe it was Republicans who fought for slavery and Democrats who fought against it, and that slavery was why the Civil war was fought, not the fact that the Southern States owned the wealthiest portions of the Union and the war was actually about wealth redistribution under Lincoln. Do your own research and see what you find. Progressive history is rife with such errors. Happy hunting.


It’s been a minute since I’ve posted. I know both of you are probably wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been tied up in my new job, and being a husband and Dad. I wish I could get paid as a full time writer and reviewer, but it doesn’t seem to be my gig for now.

I have a lot of gear to review. An overwhelming amount, as it happens. Drop in from time to time to see if I’ve posted a review.

What’s coming up:

•DPMS Mongonel sight review.
•DPMS LR308 Oracle review.
•Viper PST 6-24 EBR1 MOA
•Vortex Cantilever mount 30 mm
•Champion bipod
•ProMag bipod M1913 mount
•MagPul flashlight mount
•Umbrella Corporation MK23 grip
•MagPul K2 pistol grip
•MagPul MOE midlength handguards
•AFG1 and AFG2
•Redfield Revenge 2-7x mm with BDC reticle
•Burris PEPR mount
•Hard Point Equipment slings (x3)
•USGI Taco 2RP
•Malakoff Break MK2
•AR Stoner NiB upper
•Condor Plate carrier in ATACS-FG
• plates
•Ceradyne Plates
•Apex plate carrier (2nd review)
•ONIL Water purifier
•Berkey water purifier
•Vitamin C and how it can save your life
•And more.

So, it’s stacking up on me quite rapidly. I’ll do my best but it’s been an insanely busy year alrwady!

God bless, and I’ll take the first watch.