It’s been a minute.

Good morning, it’s a great day to start some realistic training.

If you’re still training to patrol in the woods, but not in your own neighborhood you’re missing a huge point. If your neighborhood is the wooods, go into to town and roll around a bit.

Wars are won in the city. The fight is for the human resource. Look, we’re already portrayed as mindless fear mongers, instead of rational reality based individuals. Most people are mass media consumers. They believe what they see on TV. Prove them wrong.

The only way to do that is to interact with the people you’ll likely be entering the fire with.

Practical application:
Concealed carry.
Concealed carry range time.
Community Engagement Patrols.
Patronize local business, let them get to know you.

God bless, and press on.


Moving day.

Well, like my mentor, I’m moving to Weebly. I like it more than WordPress. It takes a bit of getting used to but its a better platform to me.

I will slowly start bringing posts over to the new site.