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Slavery in America

Originally posted on American Founding Principles:

Over one-hundred and fifty years after the Thirteenth Amendment[1] abolished involuntary slavery and servitude in America; slavery is still a very sensitive subject, especially for “African” Americans. Much of this apprehension has its origins in an historical view that Africans and their descendants are somehow less civilized, less intelligent or preposterously less “evolved” from assumed animal ancestors than their white counterparts. Yet, instead of looks of derision or treatment as second class citizens, all Americans owe the men and women who were enslaved in America and their descendants  a debt of gratitude equal to the gratitude bestowed upon patriots who fought to secede from England in America’s war for independence.

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Submit peasants !

Submit peasants !.


I agree. That is exactly who we are. Or should be. The violence will come eventually. In many ways it has. The transformation of police into combat-patrolmen is a portion of it. I like Mr. Beck and what hes done and indeed what he aspires to do. He should distance himself from violence, none of us want that. But I can tell you, its on the way., amd better in my lifetime than my children’s.