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Eight years ago was a very different change in the way America did business. I did as I always do and voted my consceince. I probably voted for someone you wouldn’t have. But, that day, and every four years after, I do what I always do. 

Eight years ago, I was very scared. The things I had heard about Obama made me fearful. What little I could research didn’t help. For many reasons. First and foremost I had just gotten back from a war, and if what I was hearing on both sides was right, I’d be in one in my own town. But that didn’t happen. It didn’t happen the second time either. 

To my friends who have differing political beliefs, differing lifestyles, to my friends who are different. I say to you: I won’t let it. At my level I will fight with all I have to prevent any infingement on your Rights.

Its a part of who I am. I dont place a lot of faith in a single person in that Governmental position. I’ll never know what its like to be that stressed out all the time. No wonder they play golf so much.

That person is there for 8 years at the most. While the people who make a lot more weighty decisions have no term limits. How much can you get done in 8 years? How long will it last?

How much can you get done from 1970 until now? I dont know, but there are a lot of people who have been in a political office that long. Some judges, longer.

When we turn on each other, and stop even listening to one another it opens up rifts. Those rifts get easily filled with all kinds of evil. Hate, malice, and the worst of what humanity has to offer.

Thats not us. We cant walk away clean when we purpatrate the same hate on others and say it was for a just cause. It demeans our own. 

I extend my hand in friendship to you. That doesnt mean blanket condolence. That means we can disagree and still hold hands. Thats not what our friendship is about. Our Kinship as Americans.

We get to disagree. But I would speculate we have far more in common than not. Give it a shot.


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