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Being a Lasting Dad 01

The 3D printer got here yesterday. It’s an Anycubic Kossel style. Now, why would I want a 3D printer? There are a massive number of reasons why, here are a few that may influence you.

Primarily: It’s a 3D printer… How awesome is that! Seriously! We can make anything! We don’t have to buy it from a store, we can make it right here in the house!

Secondarily: It teaches. It will teach me G Code, and it will teach my daughters G Code. Why is that important? G Code is the code language used in machine tools world wide. There are other languages but G Code is the foundation for all Numeric Controlled Machining and now, additive manufacturing.

The motivations for why I bought a 3D printer are very simple. It’s the very first step in teaching my daughters a trade in a very fun way. There are so many components to 3D printing: Programming, linear thought process, digital to mechanical interface, manufacturing, planning, measuring, transferable skills and fun. This is something that is huge for us.

It’s something that is going to be a trade skill for them, myself also. The trades are so very important. No one can take that from you. No one can unlearn that skill from you. You own that. It propels you to do more. Learn more. And make those mistakes. Make the mistakes early, make a lot of them and make them count, don’t loose the knowledge they taught you.

Those mistakes are invaluable. If we can make a simple mistake on a tiny tug boat, and that teaches one of them something valuable. Maybe making that mistake helps them while milling a nose cone from molybdenum for Space X. That job maybe feeding their sons and daughters.


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