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SIGINT, HUMINT, and Collection for the ground-pounder.

Mr. Culper does an awesome job explaining what’s going on, editing the media for podcasts, finding people to interview and coming up with questions to ask them. He also finds the time to splice it together into a cohesive and informative magazine we can all read (print or digital) called Forward Observer. One day, when I grow up, I’d like to write for that magazine. For now, I’m very content to write for you two. What Mr. Culper does most is unite people as a group (III%) and disseminate useful information to us. Sometimes there’s a miss communication, or our wires get crossed. Lets see if I can help untangle somethings.


For the sake of legal bullshit we unfortunately have to prance around, all references to illegal activity, be they implied or stated are hypothetical and would apply or be referenced only long after any such legislation, law, rule, or code be dissolved, or no longer applicable to said instance or case. Scenarios elaborated on are purely fictional in construction and application and bare no reseblence to any known or unknown scenarios being hatched, plotted, or scenerioized by any persons known or unknown. Summary: Don’t try this at home. All of this is fictional and for entertainment only. Is not inteded to prevent or cure any deceases. Except tyranny, it fix that shit quick.

SIGINT: Signals Intelligence, or SIGINT is anything that comes over electronics. To us it’s radio and computer information. How do we collect it as Boots and Auxiliary? Both good questions and here are some broad and general answers. We record it; observe it; copy it or transfer it, and we transport it. Our roll will typically be handed down from higher, but for general purposes think of it this way: If it’s a laptop, hard drive, data stick, or desktop, it’s coming with you. If you have time, unplug things nicely. If not, snatch the desktop, cut the cords and run. If there’s a radio of any shape or size, grab it. If you see a small black box with a small cord marked ANCZ10, grab it and stuff it down your pants. Looks like this:

Take all these items directly to your Intel person. Good job, you just collected SIGINT.


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