Being a lasting Dad.


Foundational Impact.

Struggling is a learning process. We win or we learn. In every circumstance we have options on how we perceive it. We have options on the attitude we have while we experience it.

My attitude is a very large part of how those memories are retained. A negative connotation on those memories usually relagates that memory to the bin. I learn little from it, and it becomes harder to retain it.

Learning pushes us forward. On a daily basis we have opportunities to learn and make ourselves better. We have to mine these experiences. Search for the information that is within those struggles, problems, issues, and opportunities to win.

By changing our attitude to truly see opportunity in each struggle to grow, we have a foundational impact on ourselves, and others. 

When you learn, you win.


It’s about time! I hope you have been well. I know I haven’t seen a lot of you in meat-space in quite sometime, just know you are missed, and there’s a camping trip in the works for summer.

Where to start. We have been making some advances on the home front. My shop was recently over run by mice and a lot of my gear had to be deconned… get it? Mice, DeCon… So, the shop is going to get its guts tore out, all the tiny nooks and crannies sealed,  then the access points deoderized, then reinsulated and 1/4″ plywood put up in place of the 1/16″ laminate wood paneling. Maybe I’ll put the paneling over the plywood. That’s on the agenda. Second is the water storage. I have 4 food grade 55 gal. Drums I got from Glory Bee for $5 each. They just need to get a stand built, painted and plumbed and we’ll be all set for water collection. Couple that with our Berkey and we have a great emergency water system.

2016 was a big medical build up year for us. We have been doing a lot of research into that side of the house and have become a lot more self reliant in that area. We won’t be setting any bones yet, but we’ll get there. It was also a very educational year for me. Had a lot of turn over on my machine at work, and learned a lot too. I learned a lot about marketing and small businesses. I’m even investing in a 3D Printer (rapid prototyper) soon.

In October I got to test my 165 grain hand loads for my .308 which preformed excellently. Except a case got lodged in the chamber. Not sure why. Such is life.

On the digital side of the house, I made a server, converted 90% of our computers to Linux dual boot systems, and still haven’t rooted my f’ing Note 3 successfully yet. I’m hopefully going to be transferring this blog over to my self hosted site so I can do some cool stuff with it. Maybe make a members area for secure communication.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll do better at updates. I think I’m going to try that podcast in thing. I recently discovered them, and I love them. Prepare for 30 minute rant sessions!

God Bless, and watch your back.

It’s been a minute.

Good morning, it’s a great day to start some realistic training.

If you’re still training to patrol in the woods, but not in your own neighborhood you’re missing a huge point. If your neighborhood is the wooods, go into to town and roll around a bit.

Wars are won in the city. The fight is for the human resource. Look, we’re already portrayed as mindless fear mongers, instead of rational reality based individuals. Most people are mass media consumers. They believe what they see on TV. Prove them wrong.

The only way to do that is to interact with the people you’ll likely be entering the fire with.

Practical application:
Concealed carry.
Concealed carry range time.
Community Engagement Patrols.
Patronize local business, let them get to know you.

God bless, and press on.