We don’t do it that way anymore…

Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart. But we have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways. We refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God’s word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God.
2 Corinthians 4 ESV




SIGINT, HUMINT, and Collection for the ground-pounder.

Mr. Culper does an awesome job explaining what’s going on, editing the media for podcasts, finding people to interview and coming up with questions to ask them. He also finds the time to splice it together into a cohesive and informative magazine we can all read (print or digital) called Forward Observer. One day, when I grow up, I’d like to write for that magazine. For now, I’m very content to write for you two. What Mr. Culper does most is unite people as a group (III%) and disseminate useful information to us. Sometimes there’s a miss communication, or our wires get crossed. Lets see if I can help untangle somethings.


For the sake of legal bullshit we unfortunately have to prance around, all references to illegal activity, be they implied or stated are hypothetical and would apply or be referenced only long after any such legislation, law, rule, or code be dissolved, or no longer applicable to said instance or case. Scenarios elaborated on are purely fictional in construction and application and bare no reseblence to any known or unknown scenarios being hatched, plotted, or scenerioized by any persons known or unknown. Summary: Don’t try this at home. All of this is fictional and for entertainment only. Is not inteded to prevent or cure any deceases. Except tyranny, it fix that shit quick.

SIGINT: Signals Intelligence, or SIGINT is anything that comes over electronics. To us it’s radio and computer information. How do we collect it as Boots and Auxiliary? Both good questions and here are some broad and general answers. We record it; observe it; copy it or transfer it, and we transport it. Our roll will typically be handed down from higher, but for general purposes think of it this way: If it’s a laptop, hard drive, data stick, or desktop, it’s coming with you. If you have time, unplug things nicely. If not, snatch the desktop, cut the cords and run. If there’s a radio of any shape or size, grab it. If you see a small black box with a small cord marked ANCZ10, grab it and stuff it down your pants. Looks like this: https://i1.wp.com/mdwinchester.com/images/gallery/gallery_ancd.png

Take all these items directly to your Intel person. Good job, you just collected SIGINT.

Being a Lasting Dad 01

The 3D printer got here yesterday. It’s an Anycubic Kossel style. Now, why would I want a 3D printer? There are a massive number of reasons why, here are a few that may influence you.

Primarily: It’s a 3D printer… How awesome is that! Seriously! We can make anything! We don’t have to buy it from a store, we can make it right here in the house!

Secondarily: It teaches. It will teach me G Code, and it will teach my daughters G Code. Why is that important? G Code is the code language used in machine tools world wide. There are other languages but G Code is the foundation for all Numeric Controlled Machining and now, additive manufacturing.

The motivations for why I bought a 3D printer are very simple. It’s the very first step in teaching my daughters a trade in a very fun way. There are so many components to 3D printing: Programming, linear thought process, digital to mechanical interface, manufacturing, planning, measuring, transferable skills and fun. This is something that is huge for us.

It’s something that is going to be a trade skill for them, myself also. The trades are so very important. No one can take that from you. No one can unlearn that skill from you. You own that. It propels you to do more. Learn more. And make those mistakes. Make the mistakes early, make a lot of them and make them count, don’t loose the knowledge they taught you.

Those mistakes are invaluable. If we can make a simple mistake on a tiny tug boat, and that teaches one of them something valuable. Maybe making that mistake helps them while milling a nose cone from molybdenum for Space X. That job maybe feeding their sons and daughters.

Open-source Life.

When I train people, at work or anywhere else, I explain to them that I’ll give them everything I have. If I don’t teach it to them it’s not because I’m holding it back. They aren’t ready for it yet, or I didn’t know they needed it.

I’m a machinist by trade and in my trade there is a lot of tribal knowledge. Machinists tend to keep secrets and not share. That makes them valuable in and limited fashion. They may be able to do many things very well, but they teach or train others grudgingly at best, and in some situations they simply leave the trainee in the dark.

It’s left a huge gap in our ranks and made the trade’s overall knowledge base decline as the skilled manual machinists die off. Machinists tend to last longer. The arc from start to retirement tends to be longer also. Most trades retire at 50 or 60. Machinists can work well into their 80’s if they want to. That is a massive amount of knowledge to be lost.

It’s a shame really. Instead of sharing those skills and the techniques they’ve learned they just let them die with them. The legacy of being a stingy old bastard isn’t one any of want. Sure we can say he or she really knew their stuff. But that’s it. There’s no “And look what they taught me!” At the end of that.

One of my core values is to lift others up to where I am. I’ve never seen how standing on someone else’s neck elevates us. It bolsters another core value of leaving everyone, and everything better than I found it.


Eight years ago was a very different change in the way America did business. I did as I always do and voted my consceince. I probably voted for someone you wouldn’t have. But, that day, and every four years after, I do what I always do. 

Eight years ago, I was very scared. The things I had heard about Obama made me fearful. What little I could research didn’t help. For many reasons. First and foremost I had just gotten back from a war, and if what I was hearing on both sides was right, I’d be in one in my own town. But that didn’t happen. It didn’t happen the second time either. 

To my friends who have differing political beliefs, differing lifestyles, to my friends who are different. I say to you: I won’t let it. At my level I will fight with all I have to prevent any infingement on your Rights.

Its a part of who I am. I dont place a lot of faith in a single person in that Governmental position. I’ll never know what its like to be that stressed out all the time. No wonder they play golf so much.

That person is there for 8 years at the most. While the people who make a lot more weighty decisions have no term limits. How much can you get done in 8 years? How long will it last?

How much can you get done from 1970 until now? I dont know, but there are a lot of people who have been in a political office that long. Some judges, longer.

When we turn on each other, and stop even listening to one another it opens up rifts. Those rifts get easily filled with all kinds of evil. Hate, malice, and the worst of what humanity has to offer.

Thats not us. We cant walk away clean when we purpatrate the same hate on others and say it was for a just cause. It demeans our own. 

I extend my hand in friendship to you. That doesnt mean blanket condolence. That means we can disagree and still hold hands. Thats not what our friendship is about. Our Kinship as Americans.

We get to disagree. But I would speculate we have far more in common than not. Give it a shot.